Friday, June 7, 2024

Liquid Community Spotlight: Kandra

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Olivia Richman
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Friday, June 7, 2024

Liquid Community Spotlight: Kandra

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Friday, June 7, 2024

Liquid Community Spotlight: Kandra

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When it comes to expressing their fandom, Team Liquid fans are everywhere — whether it’s watching on Twitch, chatting on Discord, or discussing games on Reddit. The latter is where Ehaab Ajmal, AKA Kandra, AKA one of Team Liquid’s most practiced copers, first discovered his love for Team Liquid. 

Ehaab is a recovering Sentinels fan who has since become a diehard Team Liquid fan. He’s well known on Reddit - where his username is XxMyUsernameSucksxX - for his fervent support of our teams, no matter what. Since then, he’s also become quite active in our Discord and gotten even closer to the rest of our community. We spoke to Ehaab to hear about why he’s so loyal to Team Liquid, what initially brought him to our teams, and how he manages to keep his copium levels high despite everything. 

You’re well known as a Team Liquid fan on the VALORANT subreddit. What came first — a love of VALORANT or Team Liquid?

I’ve never actually played VALORANT … I only watch the esport. Team Liquid is what got me into the VCT. I only really looked at the tweets, the Reddit posts about VALORANT esports — but didn’t get into it until I started fully supporting Team Liquid. 

What made you so interested in following Team Liquid? 

It was a couple of things. Before being a Team Liquid fan, I was more of a Sentinels fan. Well, more of a bandwagoner than a fan. They were winning and successful. So I was not a true, true fan. I only looked at match history — until I watched Sentinels vs Team Liquid at Champions 2021. 

That’s where I was like, “Damn, the Team Liquid org is pretty cool, I might start supporting them.” Once [Sentinels] was eliminated I watched closer… Team Liquid is unique, has a good logo, and the players were interesting. ScreaM and Nivera, two brothers on the same team… I never heard of that before. The British guys, L1nk and soulcas… they were so funny. Jamppi was quirky and goofy. 

I thought, “This team might win Champions.” I watched the quarterfinals match and when it got to the semis, they unfortunately collapsed pretty hard.  But, you know, it happens. But after the event, I decided to start supporting them. I felt connected to Team Liquid you can say. 

Did you feel connected because of the players’ skills or their personalities?

It’s a complete package. The players, the talent, the org itself. When I started supporting Team Liquid in VALORANT, I started looking into other teams in other esports. Siege, Rocket League, Apex… All their players seemed really, really cool and they had good teams. As I got to know the community and org more, I could tell Team Liquid cared about their clan — it wasn’t just PR statements. 

What about the Team Liquid community stands out?

They’re copers. To the highest, highest degree. Also very, very supportive. They always support Team Liquid no matter what. There are really, really upset fans sometimes. It happens. Sometimes you get frustrated. But they’re overall very nice, very welcoming, the complete package. Everything’s good about them. 

Are you active in the Team Liquid Discord?

Definitely. I joined in 2023 but started getting into it, really active and stuff, the past few months. I’m gonna be honest, I got into it for LIquid Points at first. But then I saw how cool the community was and wanted to chat more. They’re fun to hang out with. Copers, copium everywhere… 

Why do you think Team Liquid fans are such copers?

We’ve been struggling for a while, and you always see them sticking to Team Liquid no matter what, no matter how bad it gets. It’s been a while since we won CS. Last time we won a big, big trophy was 2019 but from what I can see, there’s so many fans sticking around, still supporting them. 

What’s your favorite Team Liquid moment?

Team Liquid pulling off the biggest upset (at that time) and winning the EMEA trophy against the unbeatable gods that were Fnatic after having such a rough start to the season brought me an unbelievable amount of joy. The only thing that can top this is TL winning a Masters or a Champions trophy…

You initially started getting involved with Team Liquid on Reddit. What made you so big on Reddit at first?

I don’t know, actually. Before I got into VCT, I was pretty into the Overwatch League and Overwatch as a whole. I’m still a pretty big fan but not as much as I used to. I was very active on the CompetitiveOW sub and slowly moved to the VALORANT comp subreddit. The posts there were so much fun to go through, memes… It was just great to be there. 

What’s your favorite Team Liquid meme?

It's not a meme but a motto for TL at this point: "Upper Bracket is for bitches" *clap*

Okay so you’re big into VALORANT esports but don’t play it at all?

I would if I could but I don’t have a PC. I have a console. Maybe once it’s on the console. I have no PC yet. I’m looking to get one soon, hopefully. 

As a fan from the outside, which agents do you think are viable? Who would you play as? 

The more assist type roles, Initiators and Controls. Duelist, I would be very, very, very bad at. I have terrible aim, okay? I won’t lie. I would go in there and make some space, and do a terrible job. I’m better sitting on the side moving my controller, popping smokes, flashing for my teammates. Maybe Brimstone or Omen. 

What games do you play? 

Overwatch, mostly. My PS4 has been having issues for a while so I'm not playing as much. At my peak, I played Overwatch, Rocket League, Apex… and PS4 exclusives like Red Dead, Spider-Man, Uncharted…. 

Who do you main in Overwatch? 

I’ve been trying to main Tracer for a while. But like I said, terrible aim and positioning. 

Wait, if you have bad aim, why are you maining Tracer?!

I don’t know. This always happens — I look at pro matches, players. And I think, “Damn, these guys are sick,” making all these cool plays and stuff. I think I can pull that off. It can’t be that hard, surely not… then I load in and go 1-16. 

At least you’re having fun. Hopefully.

I’m having fun. Sometimes. Sometimes a little bit of rage. But it’s fun. 

Who is the best video game character?

Kratos has gotta be up there for me. His story evolving from just being a bloodthirsty, god-killing machine to a dad raising his son and becoming a better person because of it is just so damn satisfying. Honorable mentions to John Marston and Arthur Morgan for just being complete badasses.

With a lack of PS4 gaming right now, what have you been up to?

The past few months, I got a lot into reading. I love reading. I’ve only really gotten into [the] fantasy genre and a little bit of science fiction. But I want to read more. My attention span is very, very bad. But I try to read as much as I can.

What books have you been reading?

Terry Pratchett is one of the best authors. His “Discworld” series was really interesting to me. Mort was amazing. It’s philosophical. It’s really funny, but serious when it needs to be. Just incredible. He’s the best author of all time. Brandon Sanderson, all his books are just bangers. He’s another real one that I really, really like. 

I also started reading the Dungeon Crawler Carl series and it's been super fun to go through, especially if you're a video game nerd. It's basically a guy with his cat stuck in an 18-level dungeon that's also kind of a TV show, and each level of the dungeon is like different levels in a video game. It's surprisingly more deep than I thought it would be, but I give this a huge recommendation for all the gamers out there.

What are you going to school for?

I’m in high school, junior year. I want to go into computer science eventually. It’s an overpopulated field but something about it makes me interested.

Anything you want to say to the other Team Liquid copers out there? 

Stay happy, stay cool, surely we’ll win something soon! Surely!

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