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Team Liquid

What kinds of romances do gamers deserve?

Nowadays, romanceable game characters being available to everyone is the norm. But is it the best option?

Apex Legends

Apex Trios: Get to know Team Liquid Alienware's Top 3s

Team Liquid Alienware are an unstoppable trio inside the Apex Legends arena, but now you can find out what their favorite "trios" are outside of it!

Tríos: El Squad ALGS te cuenta su top 3

Team Liquid Alienware es un equipo imparable en Apex Legends, ¡y ahora puedes descubrir cuáles son sus "Top 3" favoritos!

Team Liquid

Liquid Community Spotlight: Huntyy

This month, our Liquid Community Spotlight falls on Huntyy, a longtime Team Liquid CS fan and our resident sloth artist.

Team Liquid

How to create a nonbinary character

Nonbinary representation is a new concept, and one that we've begun seeing in games more and more. But what does it take to create a nonbinary character?

Team Liquid

Introducing MyBlue

The next step in the ultimate Team Liquid fan experience is here! Find out more about what we have planned in the near future, and beyond...

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