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Meet Your Blue


Join MyBlue to customize your own version of Blue, Team Liquid’s mascot. Complete quests, earn exclusive digital and physical rewards, climb the leaderboards, and connect with other fans! Engage with the community and showcase your achievements.

We’ve joined forces with Sui, utilizing their cutting-edge web3 technology to empower you to:
Complete quests
Embark on thrilling quests, take on fun challenges, and work with other fans to climb the leaderboards.
Build your Blue
Collect epic items to customize your own digital avatar of Blue, and showcase your unique fandom.
Earn rewards
Win prizes and exclusive experiences. Share your achievements with other fans!

What you’ll get

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MyBlue inventory image.
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We’re just getting started

We’ve got lots more to come. Take a look at our roadmap to see what’s next.

Phase 1

Early Access Launch

Live now! Get your very own Blue and complete quests to earn rewards. Early access users will earn exclusive rewards that won’t be available later. Welcome to the cavalry—start your adventure today!

Showcase your fandom

Epic AND cute. That’s a new look for Blue!


Evolution of Fan Loyalty

Get to know more about what’s next for quests, points, MyBlue, and the fan experience.

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Team Liquid Crest Logo Light Version

New Features, New Waves

Throughout early access, we’ll be adding features and new users in waves. Expect more quests, new rewards, UX improvements, achievement functionality, collaborative events, and more fun ways to celebrate your fandom.

Wide Release

As our early access period ends, we’ll be ramping up the excitement! Current Team Liquid quests will be combined into MyBlue in order to create the ultimate fan experience. There may also be all-new features to make your Blue even more special… you’ll just have to be part of it to find out.

Scale and Evolve

We’re not stopping there! After the big launch, we’ll keep rolling out new and improved features, based on your feedback. We can’t wait to share this one-of-a-kind experience with you!


Make sure to join our Discord server to connect with the community! Or if you have any questions about MyBlue.



Once you sign up for an account and connect your social and gaming accounts, you’ll be able to start customizing your very own digital avatar of Blue by completing quests and earning rewards. Quests will consist of things that you’d be doing as a fan anyway, such as playing games and engaging with social posts.

Yes! For now, those quests and experiences will still be around and will be separate from MyBlue, which is a standalone platform. Our ultimate goal is to combine the two into one holistic fan experience.

We’re rolling out features in phases as well as adding new members in waves. Our improvements will be implemented regularly and according to the feedback we receive from the community. What you experience in early access will not be the final product - it will only get better with time!

When you sign up with Google or Twitch, you’ll automatically receive a free Sui wallet to store your avatar and digital items. These items are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and are securely stored in your wallet on the Sui blockchain. No Web3 or blockchain knowledge is required to participate in MyBlue!

Join the cavalry

What are you waiting for? Join now, deck out your Blue, and get rewards doing the things you already do as a Team Liquid fan.

Fan experience
Loving it so far!  Being able to get immediate fun results for doing quests is awesome!
Fan experience
I've waited long for MyBlue. It merges fandom and tech into unique memorabilia.
This is an amazing experience for all TL fans looking for interactive fun. - MCZS