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World of Warcraft

Women in esports and the burden of visibility

The conversation around people of marginalized genders in esports is nuanced and complex. How should we be approaching it in 2024?

Team Liquid

Total Football: Team Liquid taps Team Gullit for return to EA FC

Team Liquid partners with Team Gullit to bring EA FC onto the Team Liquid roster


Hometown Heroes: Mistic

Find out more about Mistic, Team Liquid's endlessly dependable controller, and his journey to professional Valorant.

Team Liquid

Pets of Team Liquid

Come meet the friendly pets who REALLY run Team Liquid. Coming soon to shelves (not really).

Apex Legends

Regresamos a Apex: Por qué nos fuimos y el futuro de Team Liquid Alienware

¡Estamos de vuelta en ALGS! ¿Pero no nos fuimos recientemente? Lee cómo ha mejorado Apex y por qué hemos regresado.

League of Legends

How to build the hardest-working team in the LCS

When Dodo first joined Team Liquid in 2017, he had one goal in mind: to be the best. After years away from the podium, he's back on top with a team he built.

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