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Rocket League   Rocket League: Farewell for now Just as we hit our stride, we have to say goodbye! This is a goodbye - but not for good - to Rocket League. We hope to return someday! In the meanwhile, we put together a celebration of our history, our community, and our participation in Rocket League. Read the article to see all of that as well as our reasons for leaving.
Dota 2   The International rundown: TI12’s laning behemoths With TI12 in the books, we teamed up with SAP to analyzethe event. This year, it felt like the lanes made a major impact, so we examined the best performers in every lane, along with an honorable mention. You'll find a mix of fan favorites from several teams and a lot of data to back it all up.
Smash   Dabuz's odyssey: A king's journey home After suffering one of the worst loss streaks in his career, falling to opponents he should beat, Dabuz washes up on the shores of Japan. He's fallen out of top 24 at two Japanese Majors, as well as lost his title as the King of New York. But Dabuz isn't done. There's something in the competitor, some mix of strategy and perseverance that is about to fuel a Greek Epic level of comeback. See how Dabuz becomes Odysseus and begins his return to the throne.
WoW   The RAM That Powers Team Liquid When Victor “Nazgul” Goossens founded Team Liquid in the year 2000, he didn’t know just how big it would one day become.But fast-forward 23 years, and Team Liquid has grown into one of the most recognizable names in the esports and gaming space. Along with that recognition comes the responsibility of setting an example, which means constantly striving to be better.
Dota 2   Fresh Meat: Helping New Players in Dota 2 ft. BSJ We sat down with our very own Brian “BSJ” Canavan to talk about accessibility in Dota 2. What it takes to hook new players, not just from a “learning the basics” perspective, but a “what brings someone into the Dota 2 community” perspective. What gets them to stick with other players and enjoy it not just for the game, but for the people. We also discuss possible adjustments to matchmaking, Dota Plus quest design, neutral item changes in 7.33, and the reputation that the Dota community has built around the game.
League of Legends | Dota 2   SAP Masters of data The two big MOBAs are quite different, but there are some similarities. One is that both have a lot of data. Between drafts, jungle plans, itemization, vision, and all the opponents you need to prepare for, both League and Dota teams will review a lot of data. We spoke with Team Liquid's two analysts, Haitham for LoL, and Jabbz for Dota, to see how they use data and how our longtime analytics partner - SAP - helps them bring all the numbers together.
  The Liquid Review - September 2023 Happy Thursday folks, October is a homecoming month for esports this year. The LoL World Championship returns to Korea, just as The International returns to its roots in Seattle. And with Liquid’s Brazilian Squad qualifying to the Game Changers World Championships, we’ll get to take a very short trip to the CBLOL Studio in São Paulo.
  Liquid Community Spotlight: Rondinelli Se tem uma coisa da qual o Rondinelli tem certeza, é que não importa quando for, ou onde estiver, ele sempre estará usando alguma roupa da Team Liquid. Saiba mais sobre o nosso fã Brasileiro #1 nesse Liquid Community Spotlight! // If there's one thing Rondinelli is sure of, it's that no matter the time or place, he'll always be wearing a piece of Team Liquid merch. Learn more about our #1 Brazilian fan in this Liquid Community Spotlight!
  The Liquid Review - August 2023 Happy Thursday folks, Welcome to another month of The Liquid Review, your favorite (and only) monthly periodical cataloging all things Team Liquid. World Championship Season™ has begun, and Liquid has two more titles to add to the collection! Plus, we’ve got a semifinal appearance for Rocket League, and World Championship qualifications for Fortnite, LoL and TFT. It’s starting to look like a pretty great month!