Ocean of Love

Ocean of Love

In the hot and heady summer of 2024, you find yourself making your debut on the LCS stage. Your heart pounds with nervous anticipation... but is that because of the competition, or the people you're competing with...?

Is there anything more quintessentially esports than finding love in the unlikeliest of places? This Valentine's Day, Team Liquid is proud to present Ocean of Love: An Esports Org Dating Sim Where The Orgs Are Whales, an original dating sim featuring six striking LCS organizations as love interests who are also whales. You might be thinking this concept is similar to Hatoful Boyfriend, but it actually is 100% our original idea and you can't prove otherwise.

Which one of these eligible bachelors will catch your eye?

Meet the love interests

A labor of love

As you can imagine, creating Ocean of Love has been a challenge at times. Getting our whales to participate was no easy feat, for one thing; for another, some of them were real divas once we got started. But we created this game because we want to celebrate the love that esports fans have for their favorite teams.

With all the time and effort that's gone into this game, we feel that such a pivotal game can only be shared at a pivotal moment. Thus Ocean of Love will release in early access as soon as an LCS team wins Worlds.*

In the meantime, check out some screenshots from the game's most important scenes!

*If it wasn't clear, this isn't actually a real game and it won't be released at all. Sorry, LCS fans.

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Did you know that whales mate for life?

Actually, this is not true. So your LCS whale probably won't be your forever mate. Here are some points as consolation.