Meet the 2023 TL Interns!

April 14 2023

TLR 2043

Team Liquid is a next-generation esports team—literally. Not only does TL aim to compete at the highest level of competition, we also aim to build community, and open sport to more people. So we emphasize education, career programs, and youth outreach, in order to bring the next-generation into the world of esports.

We want to introduce you to the next generation of young professionals who are about to embark on their journeys in esports. These interns come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them a range of unique perspectives and talents. That’s 16 interns across 8 departments! Meet the bright and motivated interns who are already making a mark here at Team Liquid—and might just make a mark in esports before you know it.

Abby “Abbatha” Trusler

Favorite video game/esport: VALORANT

Favorite TL talent: Tiffae and Acie

Preferred superpower: Zoolingualism

Hii! My name is Abby and I'm a senior at Boston University and will be receiving a B.S. in Film & Television in May. I've had a love for filmmaking since I was in middle school and dreamed of being a director and cinematographer. When COVID hit, I decided to attend school remotely for one year.  I had always wanted to start streaming, and this gave me the opportunity to do so, and I built my first pc! Gaming and streaming became two things that I was incredibly passionate about. I loved being able to build a community of friends through my Twitch. Not wanting to give up this love, I decided to move into the editing side of film which allows me to combine both passions. Being an intern at Team Liquid is truly a dream come true for me, and I am so excited to be able to work alongside such talented people in the industry.

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Ameet “Ameetable” Jogia 

Favorite video game/esport: VALORANT and League of Legends

Favorite TL talent: CoreJJ

Preferred superpower: Flight

Yo! My name is Ameet and I recently graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Business Management. I've been gaming since 2005 but started following esports in 2015. At Team Liquid I support the Partnerships & Sales department with big money cash moves. Right now, I mainly follow and play VALORANT/League of Legends but I like to keep up with the entire esports industry. Outside of esports, I like to follow sports, listen to music, and hang out with my friends! Excited to be a part of the family!

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Becca “goodsoup” Glantz

Favorite video game/esport: VALORANT

Favorite TL talent: AverageJonas

Preferred superpower: Teleportation

Hellooo!! My name is Becca and I am a writer, actor, and director. I am currently receiving a dual degree from Arizona State University in Mass Communications and Film Studies. I previously received a B.F.A. in Acting at Towson University back in 2019. 

I’ve been writing since I was a kid, participating in events like NaNoWriMo, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to follow it professionally. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember, but found a love for esports through the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) in 2021. I am thrilled to be a part of Team Liquid, and am excited to see where this opportunity takes me! 

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Charlene “MaKenzie” Hall

Favorite video game/esport: VALORANT

Favorite TL talent: Tiffae

Preferred superpower: Logic Manipulation

Hi! I’m Charlene, but my friends call me MaKenzie. I’m a graphic designer, social media manager, and digital marketer. I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2021 with a B.F.A in Graphic Arts and a minor in Leadership Studies.

I’ve been pursuing graphic design since 2012 - always finding myself obsessed with webpages, buying products because of their packaging, and more recently being influenced through social media, amongst many other categories of design. Combined with my lifelong love of gaming, being a part of Team Liquid felt like the right path for me to combine my two passions while growing in my career and learning from a creative team I heavily admire.

Outside of design and gaming, I’ve become passionate about teaching myself Spanish, growing other design skills like web design, and spending all my money on BTS. 

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Daphne “daphective” Daniels

Favorite video game/esport: VALORANT

Favorite TL talent: Jamppi

Preferred superpower: Teleportation (mainly to avoid traffic)

Hi! I’m Daphne, and I am a cinematographer and director from Washington DC. I received my BFA in Film Production from the University of Southern California. I am an avid dog lover, Studio Ghibli watcher, and puzzle enthusiast.

Video games have always played a pivotal role in my life growing up. From hiding my Gameboy SP under the covers to watching content creators play VALORANT, I always knew I wanted to be a part of it somehow, whether it be watching, playing, or creating. Working at Team Liquid has allowed me to do just that—be a part of it in the most exciting ways. I couldn’t be more excited for what is to come!

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Esmée “excesstigress” Odyssevs

Favorite video game/esport: Dota 2

Favorite TL talent: Eiya

Preferred superpower: Something mildly convenient but ultimately useless, ie toast. Just making toast out of thin air. Or insta toasting any bread I touch. 

Hi friends! :D I'm excess! I love bunnies, cute things and making friends. I competed in my first LAN at 13 and never wanted to leave! I love every aspect and detail of planning and putting together an event or tournament. I remember being totally awestruck by the Starcraft events my dad would bring me to as a kid-- it brings me so much joy to think about making that experience happen for others! 

In my gaming life, I'm a longtime collector, achievement hunter and victim of Dota 2. I also like making silly gaming content.  

When I'm not actively working on events, you can probably find me sleeping under a cardboard box somewhere.. zzz (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) 

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Hisham “sho” Almadani

Favorite video game/esport: Minecraft/Counter-Strike

Favorite TL talent: EliGE

Preferred superpower: Waterbending

Hey, I’m Hisham (aka sho) and I’m currently a first-year undergraduate student at the University of Detroit Mercy. I fell in love with esports ever since discovering it in 2017, and I’ve wanted a career in this industry ever since! I’ve always liked learning new words and languages, and over the pandemic, I discovered a knack for writing. I eventually decided to mix my two passions of writing and esports and I began writing and publishing everything esports and gaming related articles on my Medium page. 

I have and continue to work in esports journalism, where I mostly cover general industry news. In the future, I hope to make a name for myself in the esports world and work with either a major publication or esports organization.

Outside of esports and writing, I like learning chess, collecting Hello Kitty plushies, and making my own coffee!

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Hunter “DrImaFraud” Stephano

Favorite video game/esport: Factorio

Favorite TL talent: CoreJJ

Preferred superpower: Flight

Hey, my name is Hunter. I’m a junior at Temple University going for an Information Science and Technology degree. I’ve been a fan of Team Liquid since watching them win 4 titles back to back in the LCS. I am super excited to have the opportunity to work for Team Liquid and have enjoyed my time here so far.

Jessica “Kiya” Hong

Favorite video game/esport: VALORANT

Favorite TL talent: AverageJonas

Preferred superpower: Reminiscence

Hi! My name is Jessica and I'm a Talent Management intern. I started playing video games and watching Twitch a few years ago back in college, and made a lot of amazing friends along the way. 

Meanwhile, I graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in business. I got a “traditional” office job at first, but I kind of hated everything about it :D so I started looking for gaming/esports related jobs and boom!! Here I am. 

I’m loving TL’s culture so far and I’m grateful to be able to work on something I’m truly passionate about. Hopefully this internship can lead to more opportunities in the industry, and I’m excited to make more friends on my journey. <3

Justin “Stormbow” Wang

Favorite video game/esport: League of Legends/VALORANT

Favorite TL talent: CoreJJ

Preferred superpower: Absolute Stamina (never feel tired)

Salutations! I'm Justin Wang, one of the Sales and Partnerships Interns. I am currently a student at UCLA working towards a degree in Communications with a specialization in Computing.

Growing up, I fell in love with Team Liquid as soon as I saw them up on stage at ESL One: Cologne 2016. At the time, I was extremely young and impressionable. But, as soon as I saw that an esports organization not only shared my Chinese Zodiac, the horse, but also my favorite color, navy blue, I immediately fell in love. Although I no longer follow CS:GO as an esport, my love of Team Liquid never left me. It was a dream come true when I found out I became an intern for Team Liquid and I’m super pumped to see what new opportunities this experience brings.


Luna “Tinymoona” Ramirez

Favorite video game/esport: World of Warcraft

Favorite TL talent: Naguura and Eiya

Preferred superpower: Teleportation

Hi there! I’m Luna, the Business Intelligence Intern. I am originally from Miami, Florida and I’m first-generation American. My hispanic culture plays a large role in my life, especially the food! Before the pandemic I was working for a traveling film festival going across the country promoting and hosting large events. These days I am pursuing a Master’s at the University of Missouri focusing on Marketing Analytics (yaaay data) and Digital Merchandising. I’ve been working in the marketing field for 5 years and hope to journey into the data side of things. 

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn from the BI Team. Even better I get to do it at Team Liquid! I started playing video games when I was little alongside my dad, who thinks it’s really coolI intern here , and became an esports fan around the pandemic when I started watching the World of Warcraft Race to World First. 

Fast Facts: I love food, bad reality TV, anime, World of Warcraft, and food again.

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Mathilde “MJ” Jean

Favorite video game/esport: Call of Duty

Favorite TL talent: Aerial Powers

Preferred superpower: Teleportation

Hello !! My name is Mathilde. I'm currently a senior at the University of Southern California studying communication and Sports business and management. I am from Guadeloupe; it is a French island in the Caribbean. I have been living in the US since 2019, as I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to swim and be a student-athlete at USC. 

I like to give myself new challenges. Coming to the United States was a big challenge because I didn't speak English well. Today, this Team Liquid adventure is a new one for me as I don't know much about esports—but it's an environment I enjoy discovering.

I'm an [avid] sports fan, especially soccer, track, and fields, and I love cooking. I'm really thrilled to be part of such a fantastic team, and I can't wait to learn more about Team Liquid and esports. I'm excited to see where this opportunity takes me. 

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Ricky “Laxunie” La

Favorite video game/esport: MapleStory

Favorite TL talent: bobqinXD

Preferred superpower: Teleportation

Hey, I'm Ricky and I'm an Information Technology graduate from Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I decided to be a developer when going down my IT route and I couldn't be happier in any other role.

I've always loved the idea of programming, to be able to write and create amazing products/websites/solutions that people could use. I've played video games for a majority of my life and being able to combine my recent passion for developing with an organization I've been following since my LoL days is unbelievable. I'm excited to be a part of this team and can't wait to see where it takes me!

Satoru “Sat” Luyt

Favorite video game/esport: League of Legends

Favorite TL talent: CoreJJ

Preferred superpower: Time Travel

Salutations! I'm Satoru or Sat and I'm in my final year of studying business administration at Western University in Canada. I'm Canadian-Japanese but I grew up in Singapore for most of my life. 

I mainly play League of Legends, but sometimes I dabble in The Crew, FIFA and Clash Royale. I also enjoy playing football (soccer) and badminton. 

Interesting fact: my mum hated me playing video games but I got a job out of it now :D 

Wies “Acestrid” Groeneveld

Favorite video game/esport: Red Dead Redemption 2, is that a respectable answer? 

[ed. note: yes it is!]

Favorite TL talent: Sayf

Preferred superpower: Some may argue that it's not a superpower but whatever Saitama from One-Punch Man had, I want some of that. 

Hey, what's up, people! My name is Wies, and I'm a first-year student at Breda University of Applied Sciences, studying Creative Business. 

I've dabbled in a bit of everything in the creative world, from managing projects for a comic book publisher to composing music and producing small projects. I've even hung out in the NFT space for a bit. But, my heart lies with gaming. Gaming has always held a place in my heart, mostly due to the community. I love how it brings people from all walks of life together and the esports world does this on a whole new level. And that's why I'm stoked to be diving headfirst into the world of esports.

But hey, I'm not all work and no play. When I'm not behind a screen over school or games, I like to kick back and enjoy some of life's little pleasures. I love the beach, learning ASL, playing horse polo, mixing up some killer cocktails, or going to concerts and events. My most recent one was seeing Fred again.

I’m excited to contribute and learn wherever I can here at Team Liquid and I hope to introduce more people to the world of esports.

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Inclusivity is something that is incredibly important at Team Liquid, and that includes bringing in young people who are new to this industry. Each intern comes from a unique background, possesses a distinct set of skills and experiences, and has their own aspirations for the future. 

We also know that esports is an elusive industry, and breaking in can be tough. Between the newness of esports as a whole, and having a lot of how it works hidden behind closed doors, anyone wishing to take part either needs extensive background or a lucky break. The Good in Gaming internship is a way to create the paid entry-level jobs that esports often lacks and to bring in interns that are eager to learn, grow, and contribute in meaningful ways. Our hope is that many of the interns you see here, you’ll one day see doing great work in the esports world.

Writer // Becca Glantz & Hisham Almadani
Graphics // Stacey Yamada