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September 20 2018

Hello, all you glamourous guys and gals! Get your blending brushes ready, your face baked, your contour snatched, and your highlight BLINDING, because we will be getting some insight on the fabulous Kassandra Karr, aka the “Makeup Lady” of LCS. A woman with a passion for all things beauty, she gets your favorite players dolled up and ready to slay the esports stage! (okay, maybe not dolled up, but she does stop them from looking like a sweaty mess under all the stage lights). She’s even got some crazy unique ideas for a potential makeup collection! (Anyone else down for some esports pentakill REALNESS on a runway? I know I am!) Here’s what she had to say.

How did you get started in makeup?

I was in Cosmetology school and wasn’t quite sure what avenue I was going with that. I enrolled in a makeup school to broaden my skill set and I just fell in love with it. So although I do hair and makeup, I definitely prefer the makeup side of it all.

What is it about makeup that fascinates you?

So many things fascinate me about makeup. I love the color and texture of it all. I love that you can completely change someone's face and wash it at the end of the day. I mainly focus on natural beauty though. Especially in the production world. Subtly enhancing but keeping everyone looking like their beautiful natural selves.

Why makeup for LCS?

I had taken video production classes in high school and always wanted to be in the production world. I love the fast pace and craziness of it all. I am so fortunate to get to work on the NA LCS.

Were you a fan of League of Legends prior to joining LCS?

Hate to say it but honestly, I had no idea what esports was. That was four and a half years ago. I am so fortunate to have stumbled into it. I absolutely love the entire esports scene and the community behind all of the different games. Everyone has been super welcoming, I couldn’t ask for a better work environment and I am getting to do what I love.

What is it about makeup that’s important for the broadcast?

In broadcast, you are shooting with very high definition cameras under a lot of bright lights. It is important that the skin is smooth but most importantly our biggest concern for broadcast is shine. You want to keep shiny skin and sweating to a minimum. The lights reflect off the skin and we use a lot of different colors on stage so it is important to minimize the reflection of those different colors like the red and blue side on the players' skin.

Typical makeup routine for players?

They come to makeup about one hour prior to their game. We do very basic men’s grooming. Which is some anti-shine, a little cover-up if needed, and some powder. We also will style their hair if needed and trim beards or facial hair. They are in and out very quickly before stage so they can focus on the game. If they have interviews afterward then they come back for a little more. Our priority is making sure they are comfortable when they get on that stage and the makeup is not distracting them.

Are there any outside factors you have to consider when doing a player’s makeup?

Yes, different things pop up. Obviously, if I am working with Features or Photos and we are outside or in a different environment then I take temperature, weather, and lighting into consideration, things like that. More importantly though is paying attention to what might be going on with them directly. Sometimes they might be feeling under the weather and we just want to make them as comfortable as possible. When we get closer to playoffs I always try to pay attention to standings because it can be difficult to keep stressed players relaxed and focused for their matches when they have to break from their game prep to come to makeup.

Can you tell us any crazy makeup looks you’ve done on players?

I am trying to think but I don’t think I have done any crazy looks with players… I think the craziest look I did was when I got to make Rivington into Draven. That was a lot of fun. I always enjoy the little chances to have fun with looks on the show. The April fools shoots are always great to work on.

Which player do you have the easiest/hardest time applying makeup on to?

When I first started Doublelift hated it I think more than anyone, so he was the most difficult. But now he LOVES it!

Would you be interested in Team Liquid having their own makeup collection?

Yes! I want ALL of it! I would be happy to help Steve find the perfect formula for his Liquid makeup collection. I have some suggestions for products to start with:

200 IQ Mascara
“You’re trash” Eyeshadow Palette
Top Die-liner
Smite Steal Setting Spray
Wholesome Liquid Lipstick

LIQUID or CREAM foundation?


LIQUID or AMMO lipstick?


LIQUID or POWDER highlight?


LIQUID or GEL eyeliner?


LIQUID or POWDER eyeshadow?


That’s it, everyone! This is the inside look into the beauty side of LCS. While the esports arenas don’t necessarily allow for any crazy out-of-the-box looks on stage, there’s definitely room for creativity behind the scenes.

To see if these will ever happen, be sure to follow Kassandra on her social media for more insight on how she makes our players FLAWLESS.

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Writer // Vivian Nguyen