Thank you, TLFAM!

April 26 2018

Being a Team Liquid fan can be quite the roller coaster of emotions. With a long history of esports under our belt, ups and downs are just a natural part of the process. But for those of you that stuck through even when the going got tough: oh boy, what a journey!

From John Funk (@cantfakethefunk)

"I got into pro LoL in 2012, right before Worlds. My favorite player was Voyboy; when CLG kicked him, I followed him to his new team. At the time, the only thing I knew about Curse was that it was a site for WoW addons, but I quickly grew to love the squad. That first LCS season started great – like the logo, Curse was on fire! But somehow, we faltered at the end, and didn’t make it to finals. That’s okay, though. There was always next year.

Next year, I went out for a dinner date with my girlfriend during the Curse/LMQ series. She made me promise I wouldn’t check my phone while we were out. It was okay, though – when we left, my team was up 2-0! We were going to Worlds for sure! When we came back and I checked the score, I was obviously shocked, but it was okay. There was always next year.

Next year, Curse became Liquid, and the #ElephantonFire became the blue horse. Even without Voy the Boy, this was my favorite iteration of the team yet: Quas, Dom, Fenix, Piglet, Xpecial. We were great! As long as TSM beat CLG (which they definitely would), we’d go to Worlds!
There was always next year.

So many moments of frustration, of heartbreak – TL was the perennial “always next year” team. Usually so close, always so far. From double TPs to end-season collapses to whatever the clusterf—k of 2017 was, Liquid had changed its name, but it still seemed Cursed.

I still worried, deep in my heart. “How will we mess it up THIS time?” But on a Sunday afternoon, “next year” became *this* year. And there will be many more years to come!"

From Omi (@HeyitzOmi0)

"I’ve been a Liquid fan since the team was Curse and qualified for S3 of LCS. Six years have gone passed where I did not miss a single Liquid game even during the rough times. I put my faith in the staff, specially on Steve who I knew was doing his best to make TL the best organization. I put my faith in the system that they had designed to achieve what has finally been achieved, an LCS championship. The faith of all the Liquid fans was finally rewarded through this last split. The team looked better than ever, the atmosphere looked amazing, and at times we looked unstoppable. I really could not hold my tears when the squad lifted the trophy, and felt like I was there lifting it with them. Steve’s face is something I probably wont forget, all his work had finally paid off. He worker hard, he did it for the organization, the team, and us the fans. I truly want to thank EVERYONE at the organization for making me feel as part of a family. This championship is the beginning of our legacy, because many more championships will come. Six years I waited, and they were damn worth it."

From Mathew Rice (@ImUnbalance)

"They showed that they cared. I started playing league of legends and when I was looking for a team to root for I noticed how much effort Team Liquid put into accommodating piglet to make him feel at home and the effort they went to to even try to get him on the team such as flying to Korea just to meet with him in person even before he decided to join the team. The community is tight knit and the past few years I've met a lot of great people just off of the same interest between us being Team Liquid."

From Daniel Artus (@moonylikeluna)

"Team Liquid has amazing online content for fans to watch at any time, and the organization itself is super open and welcoming to fans. I remember going to LCS for the first time this Spring Split, and the friendliness and passion that Team Liquid's staff showed me then would be extremely difficult for me to forget. Also, with such a powerful roster full of stars and unique personalities, it'd be hard to not like Team Liquid as they are now. I've been following Team Liquid since the merger with Team Curse but have decided starting with this year's Spring Split that I would put all of my effort into supporting Team Liquid."

We know there's a lot of you out there, but stay tuned! There's a lot more community awesomeness coming up. In the mean time, join the Official Team Liquid Discord!