10-man roster and Locodoco to Head Coach

December 31 2015

A New Year, A New Liquid

To think, it's been almost a full year since Curse merged with Team Liquid.

In the past year, we’ve grown from four teams to nine, with 55 players, over 10 coaching staff, and now two gaming facilities in Los Angeles and the Netherlands respectively. In our debut year, we’ve placed 1st in the regular season, 3rd in the Summer Split, and came out with a handful of epic number one #LCSBIGplays in all of League of Legends. Fenix with his Quadrakill on Azir and Piglet’s visionless baron steal into backdoor versus TIP just to name a few. We are now a multi-faceted eSports gaming brand and are making even more investments into our coaching staff in an effort to improve our methodologies, practices, and culture moving into the New Year.

One of our primary goals has always been the improvement of our structure and coaching. We are challenging ourselves to become the most desired organization for both seasoned and rookie players. In the past, we’ve showcased our ability to cultivate new talent through the entry of Curse Academy into the LCS and now with Team Liquid Academy, a team who has consistently taken winning percentage of games in scrims versus LCS teams and even made it to the finals of the NACS qualifier. The team is not defined by outstanding individual skill, rather the value of efficient and collaborative communication, team movement, and resource sharing.The very opposite is true of our starting LCS team from last season and we hope we are able to bridge the gap between this by utilizing a new approach, a new arrow in the quiver, with our 10 man roster for the next Season of LCS.

A Word From The Co-Owner

"I'm of the opinion a 10-man roster will optimize performance for all ten players. Their improvement is mainly tied to how well they understand the game, from patch to patch . The collaboration between players, facilitated by our coaching staff should create an environment where players learn more quickly. Lastly, under Loco's management he's coached a team placing 1st in two splits of LCS, won IEM Season IX World Finals, advanced past group stages at Worlds and won the coach of the split award for NA LCS in 2015. "

- Steve "Liquid112" Arhancet, Co-Owner Team Liquid

This will be the first in many steps we plan on executing to develop a structure that will hopefully define Liquid as the organization that provides what we feel is the greatest asset to players: development and an environment to compete at the highest level. Many teams previously have fielded substitute players, however not utilized them in the capacity we have executed on during the off-season. Our ten man squad scrims each day in starter vs. non-starter as well in mixed formats. Nearly all the players are on-site in our Los Angeles gaming facility, enabling easy post game discussion and collaboration, leading to stimulated learning and development – something we feel is key to success. Decisions will be made by players and staff on which starters will be utilized from week to week, all in accordance with current LCS Riot rules and cooldown procedures.

Team Liquid will be going headstrong into the 2016 season as the first NA LCS team to utilize a full 10-man roster, and leading this front will be Yoonsup "Locodoco" Choi, Team Liquid's new Head Coach. We came to this decision after countless off-line and onsite interviews. When comparing the progress being made with the team with Loco to alternatives it was clear amongst management and players that significant progress was being made under his management. He has embarked on developing a personnel structure of coaches, analysts and strategy coaches for all players, finalizing proprietary coaching/analytical software and working in very close capacity with Steve “LiQuiD112” to define and map out future improvements.

A Word From the Team

"Hey guys! I'm really excited to work closely with the players to improve their individual ability and develop teamwork while using a 10 man roster in the 2016 Season . Last year, Liquid's roster was poised to go far, but after a first place finish in the regular summer split, fell short to C9 in the Gauntlet and the year previously losing after a 2-0 start to LMQ. I'm here to develop a legacy that our staff and players operate as a unit - working together to achieve our goals. "

- Yoonsup "Locodoco" Choi, Head Coach: League of Legends

I look forward to working with a great organization and staff in Liquid. Having found success from the Challenger team I look forward to working closely with Loco and improving the players and myself at an elevated rate.

-David "Dlim" Lim, Assistant Coach: League of Legends

Quote from Piglet:

“안녕하세요 피글렛입니다 이번에는 10명이 함께 로스터에 올라가서 재미있을꺼같아요 왜냐하면 선수들이 더더욱 열심히할꺼같아서 기대도되고있습니다 그리고 이번에 로코도코랑 데이빗이랑 같이하게됬는데 좋은코치 로코가 온만큼 저번시즌에 우승도못하고 3등만했는데 이번에는 꼭1등을 할것이고 저번시즌에 좋은모습을 못보여드린만큼 이번시즌에는 좋은모습만 보여드리겠습니다 그리고 같은 프로의식을 갖고 했으면 좋겠고 이번 시즌엔 더더욱 열심히해서 좋은 경기력 보여드리겠습니다 감사합니다”

Translated version:

"Hello! It's Piglet. We'll be having a 10-man roster this year. I'm excited since players will try harder due to it. I'm looking forward to working with Locodoco and David. With Loco, I know we can do better than 3rd from last year. I'll also be playing better and work hard for the 1st place finish. This year, I'll be trying my hardest to make sure I show the fans the best possible version of myself. Thank you! "

- Chae "Piglet" Gwang-Jin, Team Liquid LoL: Starting Marksman

Additionally, we have hired David Lim, he is relocating from Northern Virgina, previous basketball coach and master tier league of legends player who will serve as Assistant coach. It is our philosophy that player development is defined as how much and at what pace they learn, capped by both their own research and drive but also by the coaches knowledge growth. Loco has proven he understands many regions, at the top level, creating a great gap of knowledge that will soon be passed onto our players.

Full Staff for LCS 2016
Yoonsup Choi, “Locodoco”, Head Coach
Steve Perino, “Jokasteve”, General Manager
David Lim, “Dlim”, Assistant Coach
Mark Zimmerman, “MarkZ”, Assistant Coach and Lead Analyst
TeeKay, “TK”, Remote Analyst
Keith “SnowSpots” Torres, Analyst
Albesa “Caelan” Romain, Jungle Position Coach

Full ten man roster will be announced upon the completion of Riot approval (SORRY to our fans who keep waiting, I know it’s been painful). We are also still seeking position coaches for other respective roles (master tier and above). Applications can be submitted to [email protected].

What's Next?

I'm sure you're all curious on who our 10 players are, so we'll be announcing that in the next week also! But wait, it's almost as if we forgot something very important. Head Coach, Analysts, 10-man... Right! Our new Top Laner! You can expect to hear who will take up the mantle on the first week of January!

We know the LCS season begins January 16th, 2016, and while we've been quiet in recent months, all that is soon going to change. We want to thank all of our fans for sticking it through, both the good times and the bad. But rest assured, 2016 will be the best year to be a TL fan! #TLWIN

Photo Credit // Jeremy Wacker