Neirea at the EU Regional Championship

October 03 2015
Liquid'Neirea will be in Prague this weekend to compete in the Blizzcon European regional finals. This is the second year in a row Neirea has qualified for the European regionals, joining an exclusive club along with decorated names such as Thijs, Lifecoach, and Kranich. In order to achieve this feat this year, Neirea had to defeat four players in a row: piterek2003, Gosuforever, Rdu, and Gera89. In order to qualify for Blizzcon, he will only have to go through two additional competitors.

Liquipedia: 2015 Hearthstone World Champship European Qualifier

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Neirea's road is a tough one though as his first opponent is Lifecoach, someone who many would consider a favorite of the tournament. The very deliberate and calculating player has been dominating tournaments and innovating decks ever since he burst onto the scene over a year ago. The fact that Lifecoach barely missed Blizzcon qualifications last year as well means that he'll share the same hunger as Neirea to qualify this time.

The rest of the group looks more doable, however, especially Gera89, who Neirea had previously defeated in the online portion of this event. As the most unknown player in the tournament, few expect Gera to advance, but at the same time, this could allow him to be especially unpredictable.

Finally, Pavel is somewhere in the middle of these two. While he has had exposure on ladder and in the ONOG Summer tournament circuit, Pavel is still very young and very inexperienced in offline tournament play. He also has a tendency to be fairly predictable as he's brought the same lineup of 3-4 decks to every single tournament in the previous Blackrock Mountain expansion. Even in the TGT era, Pavel brought decks with zero Blackrock Mountain cards, displaying a rigidity that might hurt him in this tournament.

Neirea's first match against Lifecoach is schedule to take place Saturday, Oct 03 12:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00) on The entirely of the group will be played today, so we'll find out if Neirea qualifies for Blizzcon in the next few hours. In addition, Neirea will be playing for a total prize pool of $25,000 just for this event alone! Good luck Neirea!

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