Who Let the Dog Out?: Introducing Liquid`Dog

October 02 2015
It's been a while since we've been able to announce the signing of a new player, but I couldn't be happier to share with you all that Liquid's newest Hearthstone addition will be no other than Liquid'Dog. As a kindhearted man's best friend, David "Dog" Caero exemplifies everything that Liquid represents: skilled players who you love to like.

It was only a short year ago when Dog started off his journey as a completely new player/streamer, playing that shiny new Ramp Druid deck that was catching so much steam back then. Since then, he has really grown into the scene, proving that he's not only an excellent Druid player and one of the most entertaining and down-to-earth streamers there is, but also one of the absolute best players in the world. Dog's results in the past few months during the Blackrock Mountain expansion have been tremendous with top finishes at Dreamhack Summer, Archon Team League, Hearthstone Pro League, and the CN vs NA Challenge.

Needless to say, we've had an eye on Dog for a very long time and we couldn't more excited that he's decided to join the team. Dog's first tournament in the Liquid colors will be this weekend at Kibler's eSports Arena tournament in Santa Ana, CA. Please cheer him on as he attempts to win his first title under the Liquid banner!


Dog's Statement

I have played video games all my life for fun, never realizing I could make it into a career. Even before playing Hearthstone though, I have known about Team Liquid and the name they have built for themselves. When I started streaming I had only hoped that I would be able to join a team like Liquid and now I am happy to be a part of such a strong organization. I look forward to working with my other teammates, Savjz, Neirea, and Sjow as well as Victor and monk. What else can I say but, reunited and it feels SJOW good!


From the players

I'm really happy to have Dog on the team! We've talked about a lot of different players who could potentially join the team throughout the year, but once we figured that Dog would be an option, I think everyone on TL knew that he is the one we REALLY want to have. Perfect fit for the team.


I'm super excited to have Dog as a teammate again. We were both on team compLexity before and he was the person I was closest to on the team. Dog is a friendly and great guy, but also one of the best players in the world. I think he will represent Team Liquid well.


I'm excited about Dog joining Team Liquid. We met a couple of times IRL and besides being one of the best players in the world, he's also super chill and a nice guy to talk with.


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