Team Liquid Razer Comms Channel

February 07 2015
One of Team Liquid's greatest strengths has always been its community. Being able to log on and find any number of people interested in playing the games you like is great, which is why we're very happy to announce that Team Liquid now has its own Razer Comms community channel. Want to hang out with Team Liquid's pro players or chat with Team Liquid staff while watching one of your favorite streams? In the Team Liquid community channel, you'll be able to do that.

How to be a part of the
Team Liquid community

• Go to Razer's website and download the program.

• Once you've downloaded the program, register an account and log in.

• When logged in, go to the Community tab (the circular icon highlighted below; third from the right).

• At the bottom of the page, click "Find" and search for Team Liquid.

• Double tap on Team Liquid and voila! You are now in the Team Liquid community channel.

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But wait, what is Razer Comms?

Razer Comms is a software communication tool designed for gaming and esports that allows you to not only connect with your friends, but your communities and favorite streamers all in the same place. The three main features in Comms are:

Friend List

• You have your very own list of friends with whom you can interact, both via text and voice communication. If you want to share a screenshot or a map, this is easily done in Comms.

Stream Integration

• With Razer Comms, you have easy access to and other streaming services through the client. Want to watch your favorite live or pre-recorded stream, or tune into a tournament broadcast? You can do that, right in the client, alone or with friends. You can also customize a list of upcoming streams to be notified whenever they go live, making sure you'll never miss out on a tournament broadcast.

Community Channels

• Razer Comms has options available for groups of every size, ranging from small groups of friends to entire guilds or communities of thousands. You can create unlimited groups with their own channels and sub-channels that can be used for chatting, group-wide messages or for sending files. Admins and group leaders have the ability to kick, promote or ban members as desired, giving you the ability to play with the people you want in a variety of ways.

Websites can also embed a community Comms chat directly into their sites, allowing their communities to meet up and chat without needing to even install the Comms client.

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