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Complete Quests and Experiences, tailor-made for Liquid fans. The more you watch, read, engage, and quest - the more points you’ll earn. Redeem those points for cool prizes, like discord nitro, gift cards, or even signed jerseys, steam signatures, and unique swag.


Link up your socials and get points for tweeting, interacting, reading, and tuning in. This also allows you to share your fandom.


All of our athletes are not only highly capable but also have the drive to continue improving every single day.


Share your moments as a fan of Team Liquid with others and gain access to the best we have to offer.
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Earn signed jerseys, custom mugs, steam signatures, and so much more. All by being a fan.

Experiences & Quests

Check out quests and experiences customized for your favorite games and players.


A stream tracker and a live schedule to help you keep up with the competition. Literally!


Your own badge of fandom! Earn achievements and show them off on your profile.


Your home at Liquid. See your quests, experiences, progress, achievements, and lifetime points.

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We're not done yet! More rewards and customizations are on the way.


It is the "currency" you acquire and is used to redeem rewards.

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Team Liquid Community
Our Team Liquid community is there to create a sense of belonging.
Fan Story
Heart Of Kyber
TL is the place that I call home. I met so many friends that changed my life.
Fan Story
Because of how much TL does for the fans, there's no limit to what you guys do. It's fantastic.
Global Members
I've definitely built some good friendships through all the community.