Get the HyperX Blue Keycap

July 28 2023

The Liquid Review

There are certain things that all gamers invariably go through. All of us are prone to moments of great frustration and great ecstasy, the peaks and valleys of the human experience, all drawn out by the things that happen on our computer screens. Across all these battles, have you ever looked down at your keyboard and felt like there’s something missing? Have you ever wished that, perhaps, there was a friendly little face to be there by your side through everything?

Luckily, your wish can become reality. Team Liquid has teamed up with HyperX to produce a limited edition keycap featuring our adorable mascot, Blue! This lovingly printed 3D model will be a warm and welcome presence that fits right on your keyboard. (Check this page for more specifics on whether your keyboard will be a hospitable environment for Blue.) You’ll never have to experience the epic highs and lows of gaming on your own again — not as long as Blue is there to cheer you on.

This could be you!

You can grab your very own Blue on the HyperX store right now. It’ll remain on sale until August 20th at 9:00 AM PT, or until supplies run out, so make sure to get it sooner rather than later!

Writer // Bonnie Qu
Graphics // Yasen Trendafilov