NAF Says No

February 28 2019

NAF is a man of few words; a true man of action. He lets his game and his demeanor do the talking as heads blow up in front of him. But behind the veil of stoicism lies a deep and thoughtful individual. While he might not be as talkative as Antisthenes, NAF's idea of a meaningful life is clear: win. With the Katowice Major in full swing, NAF shares a few thoughts about the team's chances.

Finally winning over Astralis at iBP Masters IV was an important moment in the team’s history. Did it feel special to finally get one over your rivals?

No, not really.

After successive defeats, it must have taken special planning on the team’s part in order to finally solve the Astralis puzzle. Were there any counter strats that you prepared just for that grand finals?

I don’t think so, no.

The addition of Stewie obviously brought a big boost to the squad, especially at your first LAN together. However, integrating a new team mates can be difficult. Were there any big hurdles in trying to gel with Stewie?


This was also your first event with a new coach in adreN. He’s roundly praised as one of the best minds in Counter-Strike and he has built-in synergy with some of the players. Were you able to employ any new or surprise strats at the event?


Saving strats for the Major; that’s a good plan! You’re well known for your mental strength and steely determination, but the grand finals at iBP must have been a rollercoaster of emotions?

Of course not.

Just what I’d expect to hear from our NAF. It must take a lot of training and meditation to reach such a state of calm. Do you do anything in particular to reach this mental state?

Not really.

So it just comes naturally to you, like Counter-Strike. So you’ve never had the temptation to crack a smile or laugh during an important tournament?


Not even after an Ace? A clutch? A last second defuse?


That must be quite intimidating for your opponents! Pokerfaces and death stares are often considered part of the psychological warfare playbook. Is that what you’re going for with your disposition?

No, not exactly.

This fascinating persona of yours has become quite a fan favorite. Did you ever think that something like this would become so popular?

Not at all.

Expectations are high for Team Liquid heading into the Major, and rightfully so. Does the pressure ever get to you at these big tournaments?


Some fans are expecting Team Liquid to go far, even win the whole thing. Will you finally smile if you win the Major?


That’s all I needed to hear.