Liquid Launches On LINE

February 18 2019

We’re excited to announce that Team Liquid is launching an Official LINE account! As one of the biggest online messaging apps out there, LINE is especially suited for people who love expressing themselves through stickers and emotes. Along with our account’s launch, we are releasing a special sticker pack on LINE: Blue, the Team Liquid Horse.

Followers of our LINE account will be able to acquire special sticker packs, wallpaper packs, and exclusive content in Japanese. Whether you’re a big fan from Japan or a fan studying Japanese, Team Liquid’s LINE account will be your go to source for our Street Fighter players and our events in Japan.

This was all made possible through our strategic partnership with Amuse, Inc., one of the leading entertainment agencies in Japan. Amuse, Inc. will be entering the world of esports by introducing one of the biggest esports teams in the world to domestic audiences.

At the moment, Team Liquid houses two of Japan’s top Street Fighter players: Nemoto Naoki (Nemo) and Takeuchi Ryota (John Takeuchi). Nemo recently placed 5th/6th at EVO Japan 2019, while John Takeuchi reached the round of 16. Amuse, Inc. will be working with both players to bring the spotlight on the growing esports industry in Japan.

This is an exciting opportunity as both companies expand into new markets. Expect to see Nemo and John Takeuchi feature prominently in Amuse’s esports endeavors!

Team LiquidはLINE公式アカウントを開設しました!

Team Liquidは大手芸能事務所のアミューズと戦略的パートナーシップ契約を締結した。そして、アミューズが世界1位の獲得賞金額を誇る名門eスポーツチームと一緒にeスポーツ分野に本格的に進出する。

アミューズはTeam Liquidと一緒にeスポーツ分野のさまざまな事業への進出を検討していく。さらに、アミューズは日本国内のeスポーツシーンを増やすために、Team Liquidのネモとジョン竹内と直に働く。

二人は日本で頑張りながら、テレなどで見えるチャンスがあるかもしれない。特に、アミューズのeスポーツ的なキャンペーンなどで出る可能性がある。Team Liquidの晩で、アミューズとのパートナーシップは興奮しておく。日本でのファンの皆さんも興奮させたら良かった!

Translator // Sarah Enders