Men of Myth: Cain, Dodo and Hermes

January 25 2019
Coaching is an artform. Much like painting there is no singular “right way” to coach. There are equally immeasurable ways of bringing about success from your players as there are ways of encapsulating beauty on canvas. Both are disciplines measured by the final results of their labourer’s efforts. With their innovations being likewise subject to changing criticism, and praise, over time.

Despite being an artform, however, coaching is expected to function as an exact science. Especially on the Rift. Pinning down correct meta picks can be as difficult as repairing a masterpiece. While helping players to solve the underlying issues behind their weaknesses can resemble attempting to recreate a Bob Ross painting with a 6 pack of Crayola. Yet coaches are expected to routinely pump out Renoir, Monet, van Gogh.

This disparity persists for one reason: while beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, tournament results are not. It’s for this very reason that we have chosen our coaching staff wisely. A three member team whose very names are steeped in the classics. And while each has their own style, their vision is the same. Immortalize Team Liquid as a masterpiece.


The Architect

As the head coach of an LCS team, Cain's goal is to help nurture the players’ growth while also creating the perfect environment for said growth to occur. Studying the players themselves allows Cain to develop individual approaches for them. Each player on his squad gets a unique coaching perspective to match their own unique personalities and perspectives on the game.

The learning never stops. And there was a lot to be learned from last year. Especially from the failures. But, as the saying goes, failure is merely success in progress. Cain’s goal for the coming year is to use that knowledge to eliminate stress both on and off the big stage without undermining consistent practice and competitive drive. Domestic success and better international results are his goals for the team. Eliminating unnecessary stress from the team environment his personal one.


The Emissary

Hermes fit into the puzzle that is our LoL coaching staff perfectly. His experience coaching alongside Dodo and his personal coaching philosophies meld well with Team Liquid overall. The name Hermes is also fitting. The deity Hermes was, among other things, an emissary between the underworld and the world of man in Greek mythology. Our coach Hermes also hopes to have a successful season before ferrying as many of our Academy players to the LCS as possible.

Hermes’ coaching style tightly resembles that of our mental coach, Jared Tendler. His goals are to help identify individual players’ weaknesses, discover the root of said weaknesses, and help the player rip it out by the roots. Looking at what has and hasn’t worked for his players in the past helps Hermes determine what needs to be rebuilt, and what needs to be started again from scratch. In doing this he helps the players improve while also giving them the tools to maintain their growth once they head off to the LCS.


The Sculptor

Dodo is the Spock to Cain’s James T. And he likes it that way. Their utilization of Riot’s recently added two-man coaching system echoes this. Most players would likely call Dodo’s coaching style strict. Though he claims he’s going to be more strict this year, Dodo also wants the players to feel at home. For the team to feel more family-like. Not in that naive, idealistic sense either. In a practical sense that encourages the players to be comfortable around each other. Once the players are completely comfortable with each other they won’t hesitate to voice their positive and negative opinions freely. Nor will they shy away from similar comments from their peers.

Having confidence in oneself and in one’s team is easier once you’ve reached this point. And confidence is something that Dodo thinks is vital to continued good performances. Though his personal goals are to become a better coach each year, Dodo’s goals for the squad have grown. He has his eyes on the ultimate prize and is ready to work for it.

Writer // Sarah Enders