Liquid Beauty 2: Holiday Boogaloo

December 26 2018

Happy holidays, everyone! Winter is here, which means it’s FINALLY time to ditch those fall season eyeshadow looks and bring on the glitz and glam!

With the changing season comes the challenge of maintaining healthy and glowing skin after you’ve beaten them both like Hbox’s competition at a smash tournament. From elevating dry skin to minimizing pores, it takes a little bit of elbow grease to get the flawless, glowing skin needed to slay those gorgeous holiday looks you have planned.

You want something SICKENING? We’ve got you covered! I’d like to introduce to you…

Liquid Beauty’s VERY Limited Edition Winter 2018 Commemorative Holiday Collection!

This collection contains an array of all natural, handmade ingredients from the finest sources all over the world. Our water is filtered more times than IWillDominate’s YouTube videos and is sourced from the finest of springs while all of our packaging materials are recycled and bio(daddy)degradable.

Without further ado, here are the amazing products that are featured for this season’s collection!

3-0 Cleanser: Destroy your makeup like we destroy the competition.

Payé Par Etienne: Made with quality ingredients from Denmark and Korea, this serum will have your skin looking like a million bucks.

Git Gud Scrub: Praising the sun a bit too much? This scrub will help revitalize those dry lips!

Chap-Stick: It’s Chap. As a stick. Get it? Chap-Stick.

“Rest That Bitch Face” Face Mask: This mask will reduce any puffy redness while helping deflate your under eye bags.

Creme de Akushu Hand Cream: We don't crack under pressure, and neither do our hands.

Peppermint Twistzz Hair Mask: Spray and pray takes on a new meaning with this hair mask. Just spray it on and all your hair prayers will all be answered.

On top of these amazing, one-of-a-kind products, we’ve got some special holiday bonuses as well! Ever seen a skincare line come with scented candles? You have now! We have four amazing candles, each with their own unique scents that will serve as the perfect setting for your next holiday gathering or LAN party.

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No holiday can be complete without the nostalgic charms of scented candles. With Liquid Beauty's aromatherapy line, be reminded of Liquid's 2018 with these memorable aromas.

Everyone Else’s House Smells Like Trash
Jungle Notes: Palm Leaf, Hibiscus Flower, Gardenia, Fig, Blackcurrant, Orchids, Coconut
Solo Middle Note: Just a tiny hint of Vanilla
Base Note: Aloe Vera
Burn Time: Burning Since January 1, 2018

Everyone Else’s House Smells Like Trash transports you to the wild, uneven tropics of the Rift, where a shifting landscape of flora and fauna evoke the confusion within our neighbor’s jungles. When the brush recedes, your senses welcome the safe, standard aroma of vanilla, before being soothed by a base of Aloe.

Liquid N°2
Top Notes: Gunpowder, Black Pepper
Middle Notes: Danish Cookies
Base Notes: Vodka, Cotton, Spiced Wood
Burn Time: As long as Astralis are still around.

This concoction is for the adventurous, a spicy mix of gunpowder and pepper awakening the nose. Lurking just around the campsite is the home-y scent of freshly baked cookies just like grandma used to make. No holiday is complete without a little bit of alcohol, and a cocktail of vodka, cotton, and spiced wood sets the site ablaze.

Tears of Clouds
Top Notes: Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Driftwood
Middle Note: Not Jensen, Neroli, Rosewater
Base Note: Charcoal, Incense, Papyrus
Burn Time: One Season

Experience the water cycle in Tears of Clouds. Beginning with a mixture of salts and driftwood, the fragrance evaporates into a fresh mist of neroli and rosewater. Once the salt has cleared from your lungs, the rains fall heavy and dampen scorched earth below. The ground releases a slightly bitter combination of charcoal, incense, and papyrus before dissipating without a trace.

Smells Like GH
Top Notes: Positivity, Cedar Wood
Middle Notes: Inner Peace, Silk Musk
Base Notes: Worrylessness, Oak Moss, Bamboo
Burn Time: “The one who has conquered himself is a far greater hero than he who has defeated a thousand times a thousand men.”

“Worry is a misuse of imagination” according to GH, and this aroma washes away stress, pressure, and anxiety by recalling the ancient woods where the Buddha may have meditated. Cedar wood opens up to earthy musk, before settling into the warmth of moss and bamboo.

This entire collection will be releasing at midnight on December 52nd, 2018 so make sure to get yourself a sweet holiday treat while supplies last!

Writer // Vivian Nguyen
Product Designer // Tiffany Peng