LiquiLeaks: Our TOP SECRET Playbook!

May 10 2018

Alright, everyone. MSI is coming up and that means we gotta start on the work grind. We made it this far by winning the 2018 North American Spring Split, and we cannot turn back now. We are the team that is representing North America, so we need to make sure that we step up our game.

I’ve taken the liberty of analyzing hundreds of different highlights and incorporating them into what could possibly be the BEST and greatest strategies that will guarantee success in every game we play. We must make sure that we take this VERY seriously and pay attention to every single detail, minute or not. This will provide you with the most clear-cut instructions on how to execute every carefully selected strategy that will put us at an advantage over our foes.

REMEMBER, this Playbook is TOP SECRET and you should make sure not to accidentally send a tweet with it in the background of your instagram snap or whatever. We're looking at you, Doublelift.

FIRST: Plant a Tree

If your entire team is in danger, plant a seed in the middle of the stadium and tell your fans to water it so it can grow. Talk to it because apparently that's a thing you do with plants now. You’ll end up with a wonderful and SUPPORTive tree that can boost your team to victory.

WARNING: You must protect the seed at all costs when it is sprouting. Any kind of negativity towards the seed could mean big trouble when it grows up, so grow the seed using constructive comments and good motivation. Otherwise, the entire seed disintegrates, and you end up with a very lonesome pile of seed ash.

PRO TIP: Plant the seed when the momentum is the lowest for your team. Since your opponents will be too busy immersing themselves in their fan base morale and posting memes, it will give you just enough time to plant and protect the tree!

NEXT: Be Really Good, Shen

If you think you're dead and everyone else is dead, you're probably not dead. Remember, Shen might be a ninja, but he's about as sneaky and silent as a clumsy bulldozer. Send your enemies to the sidelines and they’ll wonder how you even managed to survive the fight.

WARNING: Getting yourself pinned down almost instantly guarantees your death. Mobility is your strength, so you cannot afford to be outnumbered or stuck in a corner.

PRO TIP: Time your dodges very carefully. Analyze your enemy and see where they’ll go, and work around it. Your dodges may be 100% effective when executed, but only if you can dodge well and dodge right. Don’t get discouraged. Dodge them like you ghosted that psycho on Tinder you mean it!


The mythical "E-Girl" is the most powerful force in all of esports. If you're facing a difficult opponent who you know well enough, act as his wingman on your stream and Discord in order to distract him from practice.

WARNING: Everyone has weaknesses to e-girls, and some players want e-girls more than others. If one of your teammates has been looking for an e-girl for the entire season, he might get distracted or get jealous!

PRO TIP: Before you use this tactic, make sure you have a strong, independent e-girl that understands the demands of professional League of Legends so that you don't get seduced by your own ploy.

GAIN AN ADVANTAGE: Shuffle Your Way Out

When in doubt, shuffle it out (or in this case, in).

WARNING: If you miss and your opponents are able to avoid the shuffle, you receive a 200 IQ penalty, which will put you AND your team at a huge disadvantage.

PRO TIP: Wait for the enemy team to leave while huddled up together (rather than them splitting up). This will further increase your chances of landing the shuffle perfectly. (Alternatively, just have everyone in your team run around in random directions until the entire enemy team uses up all their Flashes and dogpiles, then activate. EZ.)

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS: Operation: Baron Steal

Save your smites for Baron stealing ONLY. Don't even try to make it look cool or flashy. Just wait until the enemy team does your dirty work for you, Smite on Baron, and leave. Frills will only lessen your chances of getting the perfect steal.

WARNING: You're walking in there with no backup and no plan of escape. It's a 50/50 that might cost you the game, especially if they're waiting for you.

PRO TIP: Ask yourself, “Is this Baron steal ABSOLUTELY necessary? Will you win your tournament as a result of this Baron steal?” If the answer is yes, go for it. If the answer is no, do it anyway. Then casually walk out.

These optimal strategies are a result of thousands of hours of research by some guy on reddit our hardworking analysts, and with this knowledge, it's impossible not to succeed. Follow each of these steps carefully and we will have an advantage over every other team!

Please review our playbook before MSI as we prepare to take on the rest of the world!