Now Hiring: Social Media Translators

September 26 2017

Esports is a global phenomenon, and Team Liquid is global team. We have players and staff members across the globe from almost every continent (sorry, Antarctica fans), and we're currently looking for Social Media Translators to help carry our message across different mediums and languages.

We are searching for two social media translators who will handle our official accounts on Weibo and Vk respectively. Our translators must be fluent in the language of their platform, and they should understand their unique and vibrant esports culture. Most of all, we want to interact with more of our fans in different regions, so personality and humor are musts.

May the best memes win be hired.

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Social Media Translator - Weibo and Vk

Job Title: One (1) Social Media Translator For Weibo (Chinese) and One (1) Social Media Translator for Vk (Russian)
Type: Part Time.
Location: Remote.
Reports to: Head of Social Media.

A successful candidate is:

  • On the pulse. The candidate should have an innate knowledge of local memes, expressions and jokes in order to supplement Team Liquid’s presence in the community.
  • Culturally aware. A successful candidate is familiar with the social media culture and nomenclature on their platform, to ensure powerful but respectful communication.
  • A model representative. As our representative in foreign language social media, the candidate must be an upstanding global citizen.
  • A master of social media. The basics: a quick wit, a clever tongue, and a wizard with memes.
  • Flexible. Esports doesn’t sleep. Our candidate does, but they should be mindful of tournament schedules and release dates.
  • A Team Liquid fan. Someone who knows who we are and how we do things.

Required skills, experience and equipment:

  • Excellent written communication skills in the platform language (Mandarin for Weibo, Russian for Vk); excellent written and verbal English skills.
  • Clean social media history.
  • Experience handling a team’s or organization’s social media accounts preferred.

The Social Media Translator will be in charge of translating and re-posting content from our English-language social media accounts to their assigned social media platform. They will also be responsible for corresponding with fans on the platform as the team’s spokesperson. Lastly, the Social Media Translator will assist in forming campaigns designed for their particular platform. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings will be held to improve the team’s engagement in their segment.

Application Process

To apply, please send us an email with your cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the subject line "Attn: Social Media Translator Application".

Application period ends on October 8th 2017.