Changes to Liquid Halo

August 27 2015


Halo and console eSports are both very close to my heart and roster changes are never easy. Although I loved our original team—and I thank Spartan, Aries and Shooter for all the hard work they put into the organization—, rosters like Ace, Chig, Mikwen, and Ninja do not come around very often. I am excited to see how this team performs in Halo 5 and I am certain that this ultimately makes Team Liquid a force in the Halo community.

- Caleb Anderson, Halo Team Manager

Player Statement

Team Liquid is known as a worldwide and historic brand in eSports so when they approached me about joining the organization I immediately could tell how serious they were about being a strong presence in the Halo community. I was extremely impressed with how the organization is ran and what they are looking to accomplish, so much that I just couldn't pass up on being a part of it. With that said, I'm excited to join 2 ex-teammates in Ninja and Chig alongside one of the best in Halo, Mikwen. Together I think we are serious contenders and one of the best teams in Halo 5.

- Aaron “Ace” Elam, Captain