Welcoming Halo to the Liquid Family

May 14 2015


There are very few franchises as old and as storied as Halo. Its place in esports history is rivaled only by Starcraft, but the competitive scene experienced a period of difficulty after the launch of Halo4. Yet the passion of its fans inspired 343 esports to carry the game on its back, and in their hands competitive play has received renewed focus. The latest modification saw a lot of changes and fixes geared towards the improvement of the game at the highest level. This injection of new ideas revitalized the game entirely, and a tournament circuit was created together with the relaunch. The addition of several respected ex-professionals proved to be a stroke of genius as they helped create the best version of the game to date. In short: Halo is looking better than ever.

It is in this new and positively developing environment that we have found an incredible set of guys to work with. From our first interaction with Spartan, Ninja, Aries and Shooter, we were confident that this was a team that could represent us in a rejuvenated Halo scene. While Ninja's name will naturally attract most of the attention, we can't stress enough how delighted we are to work with all of them. The players too have expressed their excitement in finally seeing this announcement made official, so that they can start representing Liquid in their next tournament. This arrangement could not have been completed without the cooperation of both Elevate and Noble, and we'd like to thank them for working with the players and allowing this to happen.

In addition to welcoming the four players, we are also going to be working with Kyle Elam as our head coach. You might know him better under the ID Elamite, but for those of you who don't know, he is an ex-US Champion and has been working with many other players throughout his career. With Kyle on board, the only future we see is a successful one.

Welcome to the team Liquid`Aries, Liquid`Elamite, Liquid`Ninja, Liquid`Shooter, and Liquid`Spartan.

Victor Goossens, Liquid`Nazgul

"..as we battle for 1st place at PGL"

We are excited to announce the new Team Liquid Halo team which consists of myself (Ninja), Spartanthedog, Shooter, and Aries Caries. Myself and Aries have been around since the Halo 3 MLG days and have been streaming since the beginning. Spartanthedog has always been a fan of Halo, however he actually comes from a Gears of War competitive background, so he can get a little riled up sometimes and excited. Shooter is probably one of the most underrated players in the game right now and a real up and comer, he performed very well in Halo 4 and is now given the chance to prove himself against the best as we battle for the 1st place spot at PGL Indy this June.

Tyler Blevins, Liquid`Ninja